I lost to $1,000 to Loan scam!

Anonymous | 11 Sep 2019

Loan Scam
Was urgent on cash so replied to a quick loan msg wanting to loan 10k. At first they transferred 600, and said to deposit back 800. The extra 200 is for a record of transaction before a loan can be dispersed as I had not loan from their company before. Then few days later they just text and expect u to cash deposit within 15mins. I just did internet transfer and that guy called back screaming and said it must be cash deposit. Asked me to do another deposit asap which I had to borrow from friend urgently and deposited again. Then later sent them the receipt and they called again said they received and will disperse the loan now but must deposit a late payment fee of 800. They will then proceed to REFUND the 800 and 10k loan to me. Sensing something not right, I decided to call the police and was advised to stopped depositing money to their said Accounts as it is a loan scam. Have already made a police report and till now they keeping calling me wanting me to transfer money and.even suggest that I do a favour they transfer 400 to me while they hold the late charge and transfer back 800 in 5 days.

Am worried for myself and my family as I had given my NRIC to them. Also worried they keep call my office and family to harass them.

Really landed myself in deeper trouble..