Home Rental Scam: Scammer pretended to be an interested tenant

Wilfred Lim | 11 Sep 2019

Home/Room Rental Scam
1) I was trying to rent out a spare room at rentinsingapore and then this person claiming to be yeo siew lian emailed me about the room's availability. Thinking it was another query, I replied yes.

It was then she claimed that she's currently working in Germany and would like to move back to Singapore. She then further claimed that she does not have a phone nor she has any online banking access. Furthermore, she works late and by then the bank will have closed. Hence, she asked me if I have a PayPal and whether can she placed a deposit via paypal. Suspecting it was a scam, I ask her why need to place through paypal? She then forwarded her supposedly 'NRIC' to me.

So I went to google her name separately and realised there was a similar scam of the same name happened previously. The scammer would sell the same story and then once you replied yes to the paypal account, the scammer will send you a fake screenshot showing that he or she has deposited money but will need you to send the money in order to activate the dormant account and unblock the fund transfer. However, in actual fact, the scammer didn't transfer any funds at all.

2) it happened 3 days after I first posted my ad on the website.

3) none luckily.