Beware of SingTel Tech Scam

Anonymous | 11 Sep 2019

Software Update Scam
2 Men with indian accent claimed they were from 'singtel' and said my internet has problems due to malware files on 11 sept 19, around 11am.
that was the first warning sign for me as i do not use anything singtel. i proceeded to go on with the call, where i spoke to 2 men. the first guided spoke to me about the internet having malware and harmful files that is affecting the internet. he told me to switch on my laptop and said i can "take your own sweet time". once i switched on, he instructed me to open the windows command page, which is a black screen, usually used for technical issues. then he said he will have to call his supervisor/manager to guide me through the next few steps. the second man came on the line and asked me if i had my windows command screen up. once confirmed, he told me to type 'assoc' and hit the enter button. i did not proceed because at this time i knew it was a scam, so i asked him if he got the right number because we do not use singtel. right after this he put down the phone.