Job offer turned out to be a scam!

Anonymous | 11 Oct 2021

Job Scam Job Scam
Someone DM me on for a position as business analysis manager on 17 june 2021. Her name goes by 'lisa' but her display name looks like a pseudonymous 'easdrutykaer naedsrjkadesu', probably a tactic so that we can't recall their name easily.

I accepted the invite to connect, and lisa told me a personnel from the company will contact me. But it was a non-sg number who contacted me in whatsapp and the person name is 'Monica' saying that she wanted to interview me at 2pm on 18 June.

i was surprised it was not a zoom interview, the person went on to ask interview question in whatsapp messenger in writing. I followed and first hour we were talking about the job. The interview went on for almost 2 hours, and told me she will contact me again for 'second round' interview at 7pm. I just followed as I needed job. But the correspondence turned out to be something else, she asked politely out of context questions. and shared that the boss I would be working with is a nice person who likes to share 'profits' from trading.
I felt something amiss. the correspondence went on through the weekend and i half-heartedly participated in the conversation which is no longer related to work: how many kids I have. what my wife is working. what are you doing tonight etc etc.
I got very annoyed at last, when i sounded to her. please email me, this is not the kind of interview i am expecting. Monica got annoyed asking about my attitude to her and told me she got scolded by her boss.

This is scam tactic, beware!