I ended up with a loan after responded to a iphone advertisement on Carousell

Anonymous | 11 May 2019

Online Purchase Scam
I saw the posting on carousel offering iphone xs installment plan. Their rates is cheaper than the rest. I was so tempted to take up. So when i watapps the number provided they will ask for ur nric, cpf statement, bank account number, next of kin contact, office number. Saying they will need to verify the details 1st to see the installment plan approve anot. By nite he show u the cash deposit receipt saying that money is for trial loan see u can promptly make payment. So i ended up making 3 time 150 transfer to them to 2 different account weekly. When i saw someone post a, comment on the same carousel page is a scam i msg back the number im not taking up the loan. They started to threaten will call and ask ur famiky pay for u, u will LOST ur job etc. Hence i make a police report.
Pls don fall into these type IPHONE/samsung installment plan. Be sure to verify their genuine business. Or if they say they have licensed do check their licence number on tje official website. Im stupid enough To i Gave them the account number. Shld not do that in fact. Once they credit the cash u will fall into the trap without even signing on any contract or terms and condition.

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