I lost over $12K to someone I met online

Anonymous | 11 Mar 2019

Internet Love Scam
Got to know this stranger and wanted to spend his life with me and intro me to his kid called Micheal. knowing my b'day is coming and i just got a home, he wanted to give me a gift. but end up a whole box consist of jewels, HP, and money. as i didnt think much i wanted to claim back the box and return back to him coz the box consist of too many valuables. but it got stuck from one custom to another custom. paid shipping over and over but till last transaction that i could not afford anymore the box just go missing and so is the person. till them only i came to realised i was scammed after losing 12k sgd. i didnt report to the police coz i feel that the police dont do anything. for my last case of unlicenced money lender, they said they cant do anything thus i lose trust in the POLICE report and blame myself so much until i face depression. my kids education funds gone just like that.

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