Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 11 Jul 2021

Investment Scam
I met a guy through tinder and he gave me his line id and chat at line. he said that he has a company at malaysia and introduce an investment website to me claimed that many people using this platform to earn money and it is approved by government. i dont want invovle any money issue but he keep persude me to join the investment. at first time I was earned little money but second time he said that we win something and the platform showed a huge amount of money. on the next day, I couldn't get the money and asked the customer service. i dont want to get the huge amount of money just want take back my own money but the customer service replied me that need paid a deposit first then i told the guy that i don't want the money anymore. however, the customer service replied me that if not paid the deposit will be suspcected to conduct money laundry and officier will investigate me.

I dont have any information and knowledge that time. i was scared and transferred few times of money to them. at the end, I realised is a scam and the platform was controlled by the guy.