Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 11 Jul 2021

Internet Love Scam
We knew each other from tinder. He claimed hE is a DIVORCEE with kids in USA. HE is a ciVil engineer owned company. He told me to cancel my tinder ACCOUNT and move to a telegram platform. He claimed he’s in love with me in just few Days. He wants to take care my children too. He said he is coming to singapore to do a project for few million. but after arriving he said he was short of money to pay for logistics fee.

He wanted me to help him with 5k but i told me that I don't have such cash. He even suggest that i gIve him my salary to tie him over this period. Anyway i refuseD and he was quite uPset. He said I should help him to prove that i love him enough.

After a few attempts of persistent texts and calls, he gave up and told me not to contact him anymore. Frankly i want to trusted him cos he actually video call me few times When he was in USA. I Saw him in the video and he even sent me The PICTURES he took with his children. But before coming over to Singapore, he claimed he broke his handphone and can Only Chat with his SATELLITE phone which means he cannot video call me anymore. And HIs behaviour of asking me to give him My salary scared me so much. I am so confident to say that he is definitely a scammer that does video call to convince his prey.