I almost fell prey to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 11 Jul 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam
1. Met the scammer on tinder. Claim to be from Taiwan, 22 years old (Scammer 1)
2. Proceeded to ask me to add her on Whatsapp.
3. Introduced her sexual services as she needs money to study.
4. Scammer 1 says another person (Scammer 2) will call to verify and it is for her safety since she is young.
5. Scammer 2 (known as Ah Kun) calls on Whatsapp (HP No.: +886 987 662 283) and asked to purchase Google Play cards of $150 value.
After purchase and sending the codes to Scammer 1, Scammer 2 proceeds to ask for personal details such as name, age and occupation (which I gave fakes).
If i did not comply with any of Scammer 2's instructions, he threatened to go to my house and workplace to find trouble.
6. Scammer 2 went on to ask for another $1000 safety deposit, which I answered that I do not have that amount. He asked me to borrow from friends instead.
7. Knowing that I have fallen prey to a scam, I disconnected the call and blocked both Scammer 1 and 2's number.