Scammer of Tech Support scam raised his voice when I didn't want to follow his instructions

Anonymous | 11 Feb 2020

Impersonation Scam
1) how it happened?
Received a call in the morning from a lady with an indian accent, lots of background noise (sounded like a call centre). Claimed that she is from singtel and that they have detected some problems with my internet connection. throughout the call she asked me more than once if i was the main user and owner. she then asked me to check how many lights are lit up on my router and what kinds of devices are connected to my internet. she then transferred me to a man who introduced himself with a Caucasian name and started out speaking in an American accent. he asked me to look at my computer, tell him what key was next to the control key (to determine if i was using a Mac or PC), then made me access the command terminal. He then tried to tell me what to type in it (clearly to hack me). when i asked if i can do this some other time he started get a bit hostile and raised his voice (and his accent changed to an indian accent) asking me if i knew what this was for and that i said i knew what this was for earlier. i said yes i know but why can't i do this some other time? then he hung up.

2) When it happened
1057am 11/02/2020

3) nothing was lost