I lost $24k to Loan scam

Anonymous | 11 Dec 2020

Loan Scam

Please share with your love one - it all started when i receive a text message with a link attached to it as such i click on it and it direct to a whatapps page where i have to chat with a guy name Darrel tan, he will pretend as a licensed moneylender in singapore and offer attractive loan and requested me to transfer sgd500 to open an account and request me to transfer more and more when i decided not to loan or give in anymore, the second guy name card will appear and ask whether you need a loan - they will drop you a whatapps msg proving that they have transfer to your account but that was not my account at all and they will also edit a print screen whereby they already transfer to your account - all this is fake! When i rejected they started to threaten and harassed me.this is a loan scams.in a licensed moneylender is not allowed to make any cold calls or send unsolicited messages. As i can't prevent a scam to happen but i hope my story will prevent the next victim in getting scams. Due to all this threatening call and message from +65 or unknown and private number, i gave in and was cheated of 24k.