Scammer attempted to lure me into her trap!

Anonymous | 11 Aug 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
So i was scrollinh through tinDer and talked to a girl by the name sherry, then we proceeded to talk on telegram. She asked me to meet at 406 tampines street 41. Before we meet, i need to give my contact number so that her friends will check whether i am a police. Then the friends asked me to go to AXS machine to change for 100 credits then i give the receipt to the girl after the service was done. After hearing this, i decided to end the call and walk away, but then the calls keep coming in, threatening to harm my family and track me down. The girl sherry sent me photos of man In blood and lots of wounds saying i shoULd be prepared for this to happen to my family. I got scared and went to make a police report. The policemen reassured me its a scam and i should just ignore the call and change my hp number if i am scared. I blocked The contact and all other contact too.

Oh, please don't be like me and look out for strangers online. Just talk to your friends and no one else. Luckily for me, no money was lost and they have stopped harassing me through phone calls. I hope that it will be a end and my family will all be safe. Please look out for all of this guys, do not fall prey to this scam.