I lost thousands to Investment scam!

Anonymous | 10 Oct 2019

Investment Scam

I was contacted via some foreign number which i hang up multiple occasions. But in Jan this year, I picked up the call and caller sold me proposal to trade online. I was asked to deposit USD$100 at the beginning and started trading. When I "made some profits", i put down more money and I saw a profit of "$50K" in my trading account. As time passed, the contact with the broker got less frequent. Then come to the point suddenly the broker disappear and became uncontactable. I couldn't reach anyone via phone, email or even skype. So i was running solo for the following few months.

I decided that i can do trades on my own. Yes, i have traded on my own and over the next 3-4 month and made a profit of almost 300% of my invested capital. The problem comes when i have make request for withdrawal of my profits over the few months, i couldn't get a single cent back. The request always get rejected by the system. Can you imaging that i made over 40 requests and not a single times get approved? Yes, this is where i know i am being scammed of my hard earned savings. I am convinced that i couldn't get back any amount back as this is totally a scam organisation i am dealing with.

My lesson here is not to trade online! and put down all my savings. I hope my story can help to caution people not to believe such quick-to-get-rich scheme. Think before you act. My money lost is a lesson learnt.