Online friend asked me for money!

Anonymous | 10 Oct 2019

Internet Love Scam

Encountered from paktor app, profile was facebook verified. He requested we chat on line app and gave me his userid to add him. Thru photos and conversations, seems like a dream man, good looks, well to do, can cook, go gym and exercise, caring, sweet talk etc. (too good to be true so beware!)

So thru chats, i understood he was a christian, went to city church mission. He was a singaporean, parents and sister passed away in car accident when he was 5 and was brought to moscow by his uncle. His uncle had tumor cancer and is in critical condition at raffles hospital now, he even sent me a photo of a patient lying in a hospital bed.

We chatted on phone once, and i started to doubt his nationality so did some questioning, and he said mom and uncle was thai, dad was singaporean. I wasnt convinced since it was not consistent to what i understood before.

He is working as a designer per time while hoping for an interview call for a maritime job. Twice, we arranged to meet but it never happen because of his work. One day, the call came and he had to go out to south china sea to work in the rig for 7 weeks. At week 2, he asked me to email his company to request for a 3 days leave for him so he can come to sg to meet me. Although weird for me to apply his leave for him i agreed to do so, the email address he provided was a gmail which aroused suspicion, since he mentioned his company was conocophillips i was expecting a company domain. I emailed anyway and recieved a reply saying for him to leave the rig there was a transport fee. I showed him the email and he asked me to pay this fee first and that he will return to me once he landed. His reason was because he has no money while in the rig. I refused since it made no sense. He was agitated when i asked if he was a scammer. I ignored his texts and thought it was the end but he was persistent, continued to shower me with care, and later said he managed to borrow part of the amount from a friend and asked me to lend the balance, so i blocked him on the app!