Credit-for-Sex: The girl turned out to be a scammer!

Anonymous | 10 Nov 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Met the girl on tinder and matched with her. Then she asked for my whatsapp and I gave it to her. Then she said that she was providing massage services and then told me that we can have sex for $100/2hr as well.

I was interested and tried to meet up with her. She told me to go to an apartment at bugis and I waited for her there, then she told me her agent will call me and the agent told me to use alipay.

Since I wasn't Singaporean, I asked if there was an alternative, he said to buy iTunes. Then I bought an iTunes card and stupidly scratched off the back and gave them a picture. The agent then called me and said that he needed $1200 dollars as insurance that I was not with the police. I then said that I didnt have that much money since I was a student and he said to borrow from Friends. My phone then died because my battery went flat. After that, when I got home and I charged my phone, the guy called and threatened to kill my family if I didn't cough out the $1200. I have now blocked him and the girl.

Don't fall prey to this like me!