Don't be fooled by your online friend!

Anonymous | 10 May 2021

Internet Love Scam

This happened to my best friend. She does not want to report to the police as she did not lose any money and she feels embarrassed that she fell for a scam.

She was on a dating app and chatted with this mature looking chinese man who claimed to be a successful entrepreneur looking to expand his agro tech and cryptocurrency projects to Singapore. He is currently based in the Sates.

She fell in love with him after some months of chatting online and over the phone. I did warn her that it sounds like a scam because why would a successful us-based businessman be on a dating app to look for love? But she told me he is real and that she is aware of scams so she will be careful.

One day he asked her to be a co-investor together with him in his new Singapore-based business and also told her that he wants to come to Singapore to find her. She was about to transfer $5k to his us-based agent to handle the company registration but as she was quite broke at the time, she asked if she could wait until next salary month. Then that guy kept rushing her, that was when she felt something was wrong. She asked him more questions about his company and finally he ghosted her.

At first she felt depressed and wondered if it was her fault. Only after our friends met up to cheer her up, she then told us this story and we helped her realised it was really a scam.