I fell prey to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 10 Mar 2021

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I got tempted by a online ad on locanto with the girl offering services for 200 for 3 hours. i then Proceeded to find the girl on line and made an appointment with her. she made sure to check on line which part of singapore im staying before giving me the address to meet her. During the meet up she will first give excuses such as being late and then ask for your phone number. she will then inform you that someone else would be calling you for security purposes. next a guy called himself (chinese speaking) ah bao called saying he is from some company and then he will ask you to go to the store that's conveniently nearby and buy stored-value cards. luckily in my case the cards happened to be out of stock and hence i paid an lesser amount for the cards. next they will give more excuses to convince you to buy the cards even if it means paying more and saying that they will pay you back the extra amount later. in my case i refused since I felt something was wrong after i bought the cards.

However, my lustful self decided that i can afford to lose 160 to either have a chance to have sex or to buy a lesson. so once i refused, the scammers used the line account to persuade me to download and install an app on my phone and sign up as an member saying that will give me the discount to make up for the missing 40. after i scanned the .apk file with an anti-virus app which shows that it was fine, i then installed the app. but that's when they started asking for more money saying its to ensure you are not with the police. it was then i realised i was definitely being scammed and decided to pull out from it. unfortunately the app that i installed earlier came back to bite me and i realised that they could track my location using that app and it also downloaded numbers of my contacts. the ah bao person then called again and started the threats about your family and how he will divulge what you did to your friends and family. what i did from here was to ignore the threats and brace myself in case anything he said might be true while quickly uninstalling the app from my phone. afterwards i checked and realised the app that i installed was an malware. I hope it would be fine after I uninstalled the app.