I lost around $200 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 10 Mar 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I got to know this lady on Locanto.  Lady agreed that i should pay her $200 for 4 hours of sex and massage

I then proceeded to choa chu kang mrt and was told by her that she will get a friend to call me to check if i’m a police or whatsnot.

So this guy by the name of 啊坤(Ah kun)
Told me that Due to me being a First timer and all to protect me and the girl from being scam, That Instead of paying cash, i should buy alipay credits from the axs instead.

As i only had cash with me i told him I couldn’t top up axs due to the needs of using a card for payment and then He persuaded me to find a atm or find a fRiend to TranSfer me first and i can pay back later.

So After talking awhile and walking around like an idiot to find a deposit machine, I topped up $200 (1000rmb) as agreed, then shortly after he told me to transfer another $1200 as a deposit in case I do something to hurt the girl. I was told that I would get a refund after my session.

I was already feeling like it’s a scam when i was told to purchase the alIpay credit but still proceeded to topped that $200 alipay credits.

Then i told the guy on the phone that i don’t have $1200 and even if i do have it on me I won’t be giving it to them and then he started threatening me that he would find me and my family and beat the shit out of us since I "played him out".

I know that he can’t do anything so I told him that I would be making a police report.

Warning to all male users out there: Please Do not fall prey to such scam. There are scams out there and do not be threatened by these scammers!

Don’t make the same mistake i did.