When I probed more, scammer hung up the phone

Anonymous | 10 Feb 2020

Impersonation Scam
i received a call on 10 feb 2020 4 pm from a man with indian accent who claims to be from singtel. according to him, he claims that my internet security has been compromised and will require me to go through some steps to check on this and block these foreign ip users who has been using my internet. He says he know this because of the high data consumption (70% more) these few days.

He then proceeded to guide me to type cmd on my run window box. I became suspicious and asked him why is singtel calling me when i am using m1. then he said that singtel is the main telco provider for all other broadband services in singapore. unconvinced, i said i am too busy to do this as i have work to do. he offered to call me back tomorrow morning which i declined. so i asked him, why go through so much trouble when i can just cancel the internet subscription now?

upon hearing this, he immediately hanged up the phone.