Scammer provided dodgy reviews to build credibility

Anonymous | 10 Apr 2019

Online Purchase Scam
note: I was not scammed, but think this is a potential scam
I was searching for ipad pro on facebook, and found this person named nandini shukla.

she is selling ipad pros and other devices.

The worrying thing is that she is from india, she refuses to allow pick up for the ipad pro, and says that she is selling a 10.5 " ipad pro at $500, buy 3 get 1 free. the testimonials she sent after was of people smiling with phones, and whatsapp chats, with dodgy whatsapp wallpapers of phones. i have reason to believe this is a scam.

Always check the background of the sellers before trading with them. While checking reviews is an important step to take, they can be faked. For expensive items, and if the seller is local, request to pay after receiving the item. 

Photo Evidence: