Loan scammer kept asking for money!

Anonymous | 09 Oct 2019

Loan Scam
i am a 50 Year Old singaporean running a local music retail company with a partner.
i ran into some credit card debts and due to some late payments and poor payment record could never secure any term loan to clear the debts with any local banks
received a watsapp message from this person eric wong claiming to be from bst credit pte ltd
did a google search and found that bst credit was a legal licensed money lender so i trusted him
his first message was this:
Hi.i am Eric Wong from BST Credit Pte Ltd Offers You Promotion Loan In Town . 5kClear 450x12Month 15kClear 825x20Month(Whatsapp 86703871/

i took up his offer on the 15k loan by replying to his message this was on 21st sep 2019
he replied to say that the offer has expired and i have to make some transactions with his company to show that i am a old account holder to be entitled for the offer and i naively took his words for it.

he then transferred S$460.00 into my dbs bank account to show that he is genuinely helping me to secure the loan. he said i can return the S$460.00 with interest by transferring 2 payments of S$250.00 back into the uob savings account
i was flying off to japan on 25th sep so i hurriedly made the ibanking first transfer bank to him

5 days later he replied again ( always with a recorded vocal message ) to say he is processing the loan and that i can transfer the 2nd part of S$250.00 back to him.

2 days later he again messaged to say the S$460.00 loan clearance was 3 x S$250.00 and not 2 x S$250.00. i started getting suspicious when he also said that my loan is getting some trouble getting approved cos the boss found out i was asking from many other credit companies ( which is not true ) .

yesterday 8/10 at 1PM he asked for the 3rd payment of S$250.00 before 3PM and i already was not comfortable but still transferred him that 3rd payment of S$250.00. after that i said i will go and meet him at his office in jurong and asked for his business registration number. this is when he stops responding

i must have been too desperate to clear my debt to be so gullible.
I am not seeking to get back the S$250+ that i lost out but just want to have the authorities help prevent him from scamming another victim.