Scammer tried to trick me into giving him access to my computer

Anonymous | 09 Oct 2019

Impersonation Scam

This is the third time i received the call. The first number was +96911810, then was +93111244757, and today was 83342841. All three calls were received in the last 7 days.

First it was a guy who called and claimed to be from SingTel Internet Department, and wanted to check if I was the owner of the Internet connection. When I asked what was my SingTel account number, he hung up.

Then, came another call, again from the same department. She told me the same issue and I asked her what was my account number. This time, the caller told me that she didn’t have the info and when

Then came another call to ask me to key in some commands into my command prompt. After giving me a list of instructions, he tried to convince me to install 'ultraviewer', which is a free remote access software. Using that he wanted to get into my computer. I told him i downloaded it (which, of course i didn't) and he asked for the username and password. I shared a fake username and password. He was unable to get access to my computer with it (how would he?). 

He then asked if the number was correct and i told him, of course not, i am not dumb to let some stranger in my system and that this scam has been going on for a long time and no one will fall for it anymore. He finally hung up!

Point to note, there was a lot of background noise. I could hear other people talking as though it was a call centre. Be aware, and do not share your information or allow access to anyone through your computer