Beware of people you meet online

Anonymous | 09 May 2020

Internet Love Scam

This charming-looking guy (stan) from a dating apps (coffee meet bagel) contacted me - claiming he's a real estate investor & stuck in kuala lumpur right now during lockdown & can't wait to go back home. First i thought he was genuine (having sg no +6597461422 & mal no +60168764238). Started to trust him & i felt i had a nice connection, looking fwd for him to come back to sg.

But i started to notice he replied in wee hours like 1 or 2 am. In the end my 'suspicion' came true - he asked for help, he cannot pay his transfer tax (for work) as his account got problem & he needs to verify in person in sg while he is right now in kl - asked me to send $4400 to asimah binet kemat (maybank 14190602253) - i realize he's just a scammer. I called him too - he sounded like an african guy. I did image research - he used pictures of a south korean plastic surgeon.

I told him I would send but of coz never :). Please be careful if someone contacted you & ask for a video call.