Beware of job scams!

Anonymous | 09 Jun 2021

Job Scam

I received a text from lazada official sms channel saying lazada is offering vacancy to work at home flexible working hours work from home
due to covid-19 daily income of 150-350sgd+15% once connected to this whatsapp chat (lazada vacancy explained to me how can i earned 15% commission by helping small e-commerce merchants to boost their sales and ratings.

Their job scope as follows:
- complete task given by customer service
- make advance payment and receive 15% commission back together with advance payment
- no experience required( will be guided)
- flexible working hours
- task are items given by the merchants
(making advance payment is too help merchant increase their sales and do not worry , the money will be rebated back to you with commission 5-10mins)

then this person direct me to lazada's customer service officer (+65 8185 6539) so i can start doing as follows to earn commission:

1. Received the link
2. Click on it & add into cart
3. Screenshot
4. Make payment
5. Screenshot payment slip
6. Received full payment +commission within 10mins

first two task (payment from me to their designated ocbc account) i get back the money + commission.
But start from 3rd task onwards, they tricks me by saying time limitation is up and i need to make another payment to secure all the money + commission, after further chat i finally suspected they are online scam group.

Once i have started this job at around 1830hrs today, they add me into another whatsapp chatroom with total 12 person inside all with singapore mobile numbers and with pictures.

From time to time all these people inside the chatroom posted their respective payments to lazada as their proof of payment earning the same commission, however i started to realized all of them are not genuine and most likely all of their msg were not real which is only to mislead me.

I lost $900+ due to greed but what was baffling is that the vacancy post came from official lazada sms line which i usually received official text such as otp from lazada. Hope lazada can explain about this.

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