I lost over $3,000 to Loan scam

Anonymous | 09 Jun 2019

Loan Scam
Saw an advertisement on Facebook loan so took up the loan of $5k and monthly installment plan of $290X24 month,trail loan of $250 was given, and was asked to pay $150 in order to process with the loan,but after that they requested another $1850 to get the loan approve so I paid them but was not given any single cent, and another amount of $1120 was ask so call to get the final approval, after that they claimed that their accounts was not able to transfer me to me and was blocked need another $10k for me to settle after that I find it not right so I make a police reports and tell them am not going to take up the loan anymore after that harassment WhatsApp and call from them to me as well as my house and work place.