Beware of Investment scam

Anonymous | 09 Feb 2020

Investment Scam
I was ask by a person in Facebook with an account name Maxwell Patel FX. He ask me to invest in trading flat form and ask me to deposit $230 worth of bitcoin. He also ask me to register an account in a website name www.xtremebas?, to see my trading account. After 3 days, they are asking me to pay $500 for the broker fee, which was not explained to me first hand. They are telling that if I want to withdraw my investment/profit, I need to pay them the said amount.

They are using the following Facebook and WhatsApp to scam people and that website.

Telephone Number they use in WhatsAPP:

+1551 313-7408
+1551 313-7406

Editor's Note: Please note that cryptocurrency trading is not regulated in Singapore and investors will risk losing all. Please visit to learn about different investment products and how to invest according to your goals, risk profile and circumstances.

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