Don't fall for Loan scam

Anonymous | 08 Oct 2019

Loan Scam
Received sms about loan from a company named elitecredit. it says contact this joey for a quick loan. at first, he asked me personal info and my wife info too. after giving all informations, he transferred me 200$ (supposed to be 300$ but 100$ has been deducted for admin fee he claimed) then i told him "i never ask for 300$ why transfer me this amount?" i straight away ask his account number to transfer back his 200$. i know if i accept this 300$ i need to deposit 500$ more to activate my loan of 3k which i never agreed on. he dont want to give his acct no. and i told him i will just inform my bank to revert transfer back the money to him. ive learned my lesson.

Don't fall to this sms "quick loans" guys