Don't respond to advertisements offering loans

Anonymous | 08 May 2020

Loan Scam

Received a watsapp message / call from this guy call paul oh. He was very persistent in pushing the loan to me and having the need for money, I agreed and the scam starts.

He said that in order to get the loan, applicants need to agree with a bank test loan i.e. They will send a sum of money and in agreement, you need to send back the amount agreed e.g. They send 200 and we need to return $380 i.e. $180 for them. Additionally, they promised to return the 100 immediately after we send them.

When I asked him to remit the 100, he got pissed and immediately block me and the so called finance dept of his blocked me too.

In total, i lost 180 from this scammer. The finance department no is 90767141.

Hope this incident does not happen to any of netizens here and hope to have this scum bags arrested.

Editor's Note: Licensed moneylenders are NOT allowed to advertise their services online (including social media), via social messaging apps and SMS. All licensed moneylenders are registered with the Ministry of Law (at:

Also note that scammers or Ah Longs may also claim to be staff of licensed moneylenders to trick you into taking loans from them. Don't believe them. Again, remember that licensed moneylenders are NOT allowed to advertise their services.