Hang up scam calls

Anonymous | 08 Mar 2020

Impersonation Scam Software Update Scam
on 5th march 2020 at 12.25 pm, a man spoke in english claimed he is from singtel and to let me know i have high internet data traffic and most probably someone from indonesia and/or thailand is using my internet connection. he asked where am i now and how many people in the house. i advised him to call the next day as i will be at home, NOW I AM WORKING.

on 6th march 2020, he called at 9.50 am, and asked me to be in front of the computer. OF COURSE, I DO NOT OPEN MY COMPUTER, prior to this i had checked with singtel and was told company policy do not called cleint on high internet high dATA TRAFIC. I SUSPECT THIS IS A SCAM.

If you were to receive such call, hang up.