My online "friend" kept asking me to trade

Anonymous | 08 Jun 2021

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I got to know this guy leonard on CMB then we started chatting on whatsapp. He starTed sharing he is making extra income through this RJ financial PLATFORM. I shared i am Also investing in CRYPTOCURRENCY on coinhako and not making money yet. He Wanted to help me Earn back my money using the Rj Financial plAtform. Initially I tried with $1000 and made a profit of $1200. I was able to WITHDRAW My money through binance app. However when i invested $10k i Realised I was not able to with anymore.

He kept asking me to trade more. When i refused i realised he is the customer SERVICE in this weBSite. All my queries to customEr service he knows! I reaLised i was scammed and reported tO police.