I lost $35k to Internet love scam

Anonymous | 08 Feb 2021

Internet Love Scam
I am close to 30 with no DATING experience. Due to the stress FROM family and friends, I DECIDED to try dating app. Then I met this guy on coffee meets bagel app. He claimed that he is a Taiwanese and he is doing food catering business with his friends in kuala Lumpur. He is gentle, mature, hardworking and always shows his concerns on me. I thought it may be a return after praying in the Yuelao temple. So I accepted his confession. After that he told me that his business was not good due to covid. So he used part of his fund to do investment. He told me that he studied finance in school and all the investment he did were safe after his calculation and analysis. So he asked me to follow him. I added the customer service and asked to deposit to a local bank acc. I did so as I felt safe when seeing a local bank acc instead of overseas acc. (So please do not share your bank acc to others to do any part time jobs. You are helping the scammers to cheat the real victims like me)

In the end, of course I am not able to withdrawal my money back. He used 5 months time to win over my trust and cheated all my savings.

I thought it was true love but what he truly loves is my money. It really hurts.