Scammer told me sob stories to get me to send money to help him

Anonymous | 08 Feb 2020

Internet Love Scam

Met john on Bumble mid Dec. He is a petroleum engineer, singaporean who lost parents moved to us. Moving back to sg to start his own oil company. Ex-girlfriend cheated on him, he focused on his career, now successful. We started chatting on Wechat on dec 20. He was awarded a 2 mil contract (showed me the contract) at istanbul, flew there, started working on a rig. Jan 14, cyber attack on the rig, moved conversation to hangout because of internet restriction. His machine broke, asked me to transfer money from his account to supplier to pay for repair. Bank sent him an alert of potential hacker, froze his account, he asked me to help pay for repair. I transferred money to a foreign account on jan 16. Similar things happened, i again helped him. On feb 4, he told me tax officers were on the rig to collect tax, threaten his life if he does not pay. I realized something is amiss, filed a police report. The man made me feel appreciated and loved, he sounded very convincing, understanding, and he volunteered information. I did basic research on the info he provided and they seem legit. Ladies, be careful out there. A guy who said the right thing may not be a real person. Never send money to strangers. Lesson learnt.