Caller attempted to impersonate as ICA staff

Anonymous | 08 Aug 2019

Impersonation Scam
I got a call from this number +65966868 and +1 (800) 391-6150 on 8th August 2019 and he said he is calling from ICA, they said they received a legal dispute from consulate of india on me and they requested the passport details, CURREnt ADDRESS. i shared them actually sinCE they threatened that if i do co-operate, They will immediately deport me back to my country. they somehow knew my personal details beforehand (I don't know how), but it got me scared.

Also they waited me in the line for 10 mins and said your records are very clean in singapore. But in india we will receive it by next 72 hours. For that next 72 hours, if you want to stay in singapore, you have to pay $4000 as a security deposit else leave to india immediately. the other two options which he gave me was either get deported to india immediately (and I cannot come to singapore for the next 15 years) or spend 72 hours BEHIND the bar as criminal. THEY ALSO SAID TO GO TO ANY SEVEN ELEVEN OR CHALLENGER STORES AND ASK FOR APPLE I-TUNES CARD WORTH 4000 SGD AS A SECURITY DEPOSIT AND ONCE MINE BACKGROUND CHECK IS CLEAR FROM INDIA THEY WILL REFUND.

THEY SAID NO YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL AND HE WANTS ME TO DO WHAT HE IS SAYING and kept on talking in a loud voice (in order to scare).

I said i will come in person to ICA will all my documents, but they said you are not following the protocols and kept forcing me to but i-tunes from seven eleven.

REALIZING it as a scam i SAID I WILL COME TO ICA BUILDING DIRECTLY and disconnected the call and SWITCHED off my phone. AFter about half an hour I switched on again only to get the same call again and again (they even tried to reach me for 20 times when my phone was off)

I didn't lose any money, but my passport number and address details pass number i have shared with them.

Please beware.