Another case of DHL Impersonation scam!

Anonymous | 08 Aug 2019

Impersonation Scam
received call from mobile phone 95874152 claiming to be "DHL", starts with AN AUTOMATED VOICE MESSAGE claiming i did not response on the last 2 delivery contact attempt. RE-DIRECTED to caller who speaks chinese, claiming I sent a parcel to beijing 3 days ago and gets stuck in custom, confirms my name and phone number. claimed the sent items contains drugs, reason for getting stuck in custom, asked me at least twice if i had recently reveal my nric anywhere. repeated my reply only copied to government agencies and the guy hung up. the whole call lasted 5 minutes, not sure if the guy wanted to collect more personal information or is already satisfied with getting only names on the phone he called to sell this information?

Just be careful and do not share the information to any caller over the phone without checking their identity!