If your online friend refuses to do video call, that's a huge red flag

Anonymous | 07 Sep 2020

Internet Love Scam

2 encounters. 1st Samuel Chong from CMB, quite good looking, claiming he’s a Singaporean but living in USA. Owned a biz in healthcare equipment.

Moved our chat to WhatsApp but immediately I spotted its scam because he said he has duo citizenship n holding 2 passports, it’s impossible. We stopped chatting & I blocked him.
2nd encounter, Kelvin Lee, age 50, from Skout. He’s charming, claiming his mum is a Taiwanese n dad from USA. His dad passed away when he was 7 after his mum n him relocated to the US. His ex cheated on him 4 yrs ago. Now he hopes to find a relationship. He received a contract to work with Shell in sg & he’s settling down in sg, hoping to bring his mum to sg soon. Whenever I asked to have video call, it never connect successfully, not even voice chat via Wechat app. All he can do is to send me photos & videos which of course I know can be faked.

His profile is found in CMB n stated he’s from UK (instead of USA), age 45.