Verify your online crush

Anonymous | 07 Sep 2020

Internet Love Scam

A guy on Coffee meets Bagel contacted me in sept 2020. He said he was from seoul, korea. He is working as petroleum engineer with company pacific oil and gas in singapore. The company is legit, i checked it out. We chatted for couple of days on Wechat. His wechat id: true_honesty200. He said was on 3-4 months contract and working on a oil rig off turkey and he was head of operations in charge of the oil rig. Was an orphan and goes to church every week. Likes to buy things for orphanage and visits the orphans regularly. Has a pomerian dog named mark. Stays at Tampines. Drives a mercedes amg car and a ferrari in rochester ny. His modus operandi is showing his vulnerable side. He would cry and showed he was sad by some comments i made. He would pray and be very sweet.

He would use words like "dear", "honey" and i told him i was uncomfortable. His English and grammar was fairly ok. But because he said he was from Korea, it is easily forgivable if there are mistakes. Lastly, if you asked him about korea food, he can name a few. But when asking about more details which church or locations in singapore, he will avoid and ask you other questions. Not easy to detect he is a scammer. No money was lost as he stopped contacting me. I think it was because i said jokingly i felt he was like a conman sweet talking me into something..Just trust your instincts. If you feel the person is moving too fast or too good to be true (job, material possessions or having faith, being religious, being kind and vulnerable...)

Be aware. Also run a check of his profile photos on google image and check if other names show up.