Scammer threatened me when I didn't wish to pay more

Anonymous | 07 Oct 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
It was about 8pm when i arrive to the scene as the scammer suggested i was so excited to meet the girl as the girl was really pretty. She ask me to take a photo of where i am at and then proceed to ask me for my phone number, so i give her my phone number in exchange to contact her but somehow i end up talking to a dude which also logical since maybe i think he was an agent or some sort.So she then told me to buy mol worth of 71.67$ so i done the application that i spoke with her is MIchat

after a short while the agent call me asking me to pay additional 477.83$ for deposit and will give it back and the reason for the deposit is to avoid any aggressive act towards the girl. so i told him i cant pay that much as i'm still a student so i pay half of it instead of 477.83 i payed 238.91$ but not long he ask to pay additional 238.91$ since all customer did that and its unfair. so i proceed to give him that sum of money.

moving on he began told me to pay another 716.74$ to insure of our safety when we get to the place. but i refuse because i did not have that sum of money so he suggested to ask for my ic photo front and back so being the dumb ass i am i gave him and from that he still wants the money regardless and began using the info i had given to make death threat towards me and my family and even give me look at video that they gonna do to me. So i panic and seek guidance but in the end i decided to leave even though the scammer keep asking me to stay and will call me at 10pm which he did but it was 11 pm but i did not pickup is because i was on the phone to ask for help.In the i just ran and told him the money that i gave u could have it.

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