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Anonymous | 07 Jan 2020

Loan Scam
I am a victim of loan scam. I actually did contact the licensed money lender Power Credit to enquire on a business loan and coincidentally received a text from a guy who confirmed he is from the company Power Credit.

I had made several transfers as they harass me during my work and claiming the transaction was not approved because I put in the wrong information etc.

I had since lost $5k .

The following are my transactions:

I have paid:

1) $1000 ( UOB 3633052466) on 5 Jan 2029 ($700 +$300) $700 was transfer to my account and I had to return $1k

After (1) transaction, they said not accepted as I put the wrong remarks and forces me to transact again. I had no choice as I was working and the constant call they ring me dozen times...I was promised once done, there will be no more fees. I was instructed to put "CLEAR DANNIS"

2) $1000 ( UOB 3633052466) on 5 Jan 2029 (clear Dannis)

Then I was harnessed to pay $1500 Admin fee upfront. As I had exceeded the limit to transfer for that day , they said that he can accept $1000.

3) $1000 (UOB 455 394 8872) on 5 Jan 2020 -()Admin Fee)

After the (3) transaction had been done, he claim their accounts do not accept and then asked me to transfer $1500 and they will refund me when the loan is given out. I told them I will want out from the loan but they harness and said they need that amount to close the case.

4) $1500 (UOB 3633052466)final Admin Fee, I had used my corporate account to transfer as I had no other means...Again I was they received mony but not accepted as it is not a personal.account.

I am given two days until 8 Jan to clear this $1500.

I am.always careful but because I did contact the licensed lender and the confidence, I lost my bearings and fall into trap.

The team consist of three men but I think they sound the same. The address themselves as Dannie (the staff), Martin (the boss) and Kenny (the accountant) . The mobile number is 84199936.