Credit-for-sex scammer threatened me when I refused to pay more

Anonymous | 07 Jan 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I matched this girl on tinder, who offered 2hours for $100. so i agreed to meet, the moment i got there, i recieved a call from a china man. he instructed me that the girl was a student, and needed protection, thus asking me to transfer some money about $600, $500 which would be refunded after the services. after i did so, i was instructed to transfer yet another $600, which i stupidly did. he told me it would be the last. shortly after, i was then instructed to deposit another $600, in which i did not. i started receiving death threats, telling me how they would find me and post my photos. please do not let yourselves get into such scams. i've proceeded to block and ignore all their calls/messages.