Unlicensed moneylender asked for "cancellation fee" when no transactions was made!

Anonymous | 07 Dec 2019

Loan Scam
On 5 dec, we received several harassment calls from a cody who claimed to be a loanshark AND that my helper had borrowed money from. After showing us her workpermit and the conversation she had with the UML, it was clear that there was no transaction made when my helper had decided to forgo the borrowing but they demanded a 'cancellation FEE' of $200 which we refused to give. This was despite the fact that no acct number were given to the other PARTY hence they could not transfer anything but our personal number and address was compromised. Despite Police report were MADE, They have been harassing us via whatsapp ever SINCE. I urge everyone not to accept any sweet deals from WHATSAPP loan scam and do not release any personal particulars to channels of unknown.

Editor's Note: Licensed moneylenders are NOT ALLOWED to advertise on social media (including Facebook), messaging apps and SMS. If in doubt, always call the licensed moneylenders found on MinLaw's website directly to check. Link below: 


Some criminals are claiming to be from legitimate moneylenders to cheat, so don't communicate with them via these platforms but call up the company to check.