Don't fall prey like me!

Anonymous | 07 Dec 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Hi, so I met this girl on tinder which i was attracted to. so i decided to add her line id (ss13689) and started to chat with her. starting, she did not initiate the service but after awhile she began talking her service, 100 for 2hours. i was bored and decided to engage on it. so, she asked me to go her area at Potong pasir ave 1 blk 148 and i went. when i reached, i texted her and her manager called me via a private number and ask me to pay the service via AXS machine. at first i was reluctant to give as i thought it will be cash transactions. nevertheless, i give in and transfer the first transaction. afterwards, her manager called back and said he need deposit for the girl as it was my first time and need 1. 2K. i was stunned when he told me that but in the end i do the same thing for the transaction as he assured me that i will be reimbursement the money back once it all clear. but when i was done, he Said the fund had expired and needed ME to transfer another sum of money, and i did so.

After everything was done, he asked me pay for the accountant money (2 pax) to make the transaction smooth. at this point of time, i told the person I did not have enough money to pay and he insisted me to pay. at this point, i gave up and went HOME and realised i was scammed and did my research online.
btw, i borrowed Nearly 1k from my friend to do the transaction.
i regretted my action and Now I HAVE to find ways to pay back my friends the money i borrowed. 

hope you guys can see this story and prevent yourself from any form of scam by scammers!