Beware of scammers online

Paula Yonaso | 07 Apr 2021

Internet Love Scam

I share this story to make all the females out there to be more aware that love scammer needs to be taken seriously. This love scammer is so professionally manipulative.
Scammer bio: match on tinder, korean born in france, work in HK, has thick French accent 34yo, contractor engineering, raised in orphanage since 4yo.

Based on my experiences, i summarize his characteristics:

1. In the beginning, he will say hello on tinder and after several chats, asked to move to chat platform in my case is Whatsapp.
2. After a few days, he will confess his feelings to you and wants to have a future with you and meet your parents (to convince you how serious he is)
3. He will chat and call you every day, and keep saying will meet you in person soon and will buy you a flight ticket to visit him.
4. He is willing to invest his energy and time in you and being so patience until he wins your trust and heart. Don’t be surprised if he is willing to do this for a long time, my case was 1 month, some were more than 6 months.
5. He said want to settle down and buy a house in Singapore and asked me to find out how much the house price (wow…so convincing right?)
6. Once he knew you fall for him and gain your trust. He will suddenly tell you that something bad happened to him.

After 3 weeks of chatting, he told me he will travel overseas to win a contract and showed his picture on a flight. He told me he needs to pay for the unexpected contract registration for about usd15,000 and he was out of cash. He said he cannot use his france card because it is not activated for overseas use and needs 4 working days, so he was asking me shyly to lend him usd2000 to survive for 4 days. He asked to transfer to his driver’s bank account or his bitcoin. At first, i rejected and he said it’s alright, it’s not your fault and comforted me which is his technique to make you feel guilty and worried about him even more as it is real. He even said i still love you no matter what, saying good night as usual. The next day, i felt bad as “his woman” so i almost transferred to his bitcoin but thank god i went through this website before going to the atm.

Overall, there are obvious signs from love scammer:

1. He will never do a video call with you even after you ask several times.
2. He will never show you any of his social media (even he does then you need to check with google image or bing)
3. He will never meet you in person even he has been texting and calling you regardless how long.
4. In any circumstances, do not ever transfer any money/ invest to a person you have never met in person period!