Beware of fake job offers

Anonymous | 06 Sep 2021

Job Scam

The person got contact me through whether i am interested in the job. Then, during the weekends she represented that she's HR from Unisteel technologies limited. Her name is Jessica. During the covid19 pandemic, they can only contact the candidate through WhatsApp and some more told me that she's Singaporean Chinese. Initially, I didn't suspect her as she kept me asking about the related to interview questionnaires. She asked me I can understand "Chinese “or not. She kept on using Chinese except for initially she introduced me as in English. Then, she said she had meeting and she will message me around 7pm. During around 8pm on Saturday, she contacted me again and just looked like very friendly questions like how's your dinner, etc? I politely answered and then, she said she has side job and she did do the stock share. And asked me whether i am interested in or not. I told her that "it's so dangerous that I am not familiar with". She told me she can teach me and asked me to download the apps. I suddenly asked her 1 question that are you working outstation? She said last time she used to work in Australia and that's why her WhatsApp did not change to local no. I told her I have something on & off the message.

Next day morning, she WhatsApp me and asked me whether I downloaded the apps or not and she said I missed the chance of being making money, etc. After that I blocked her. It's a bit annoying to me even though i didn't lose anything.