I almost fell prey to a Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 06 May 2021

Credit-for-Sex Scam
1) Was using a dating app with purple coloured logo, intro by my friend. At first there's this girl who is keen to BEFRIEND me and asked for my number, and i gave her.

2) weeks later after we chat through WhatsApp, she mentioned that she's providing special services @ $60/hour

3) we then make an appointment, knowing that it might possibly be a scam.

4) as expected when I reach the destination, she mentioned that her friend would give me a call for security purpose.

5) when I was requested to pay via razor gold credits, i pretended that the signal was weak and forced them to drop the line.

6) i left the location, but I received a few calls from both the girl and her so called friend, and also received a video that a victim was SLASHED and some threatening voice message via WhatsApp mentioning to use my photo and phone number to track my residential address and send the girl to me the next day.

7) In the end, i simply blocked them and contacted my police officer friend regarding this matter and made a police report.

For those who are using dating apps, please beware and think twice.