Online friend insisted on sending me gift, which I have to pay for

Anonymous | 06 May 2020

Internet Love Scam
IT ALL STARTED FROM MATCHING THIS PERSON (DAVID LEE +44 7392364853) FROM TINDER, HE claimed that he is a Chinese-born in UK, and works with ship engine repairs. He shared one day that his ship will be landing in Poland and asked for my details (name, address, clothes size, shoes size) and mentioned that he is gonna get me something from Poland and shipped to me. 

I rejected in the first place, but he insisted so i gave him the details. later that day he send me the detail of the website with tracking number, (bet the website is also fake). after 4 days the tracking details showed the package reached singapore. one day before the package showed arrive, david lee said that he stuffed some cash in the package for me to pay for the charges. the next day, someone claimed he is mr.karl from air trust service courier (+65 86970175) and told me the package has reached singapore and ready to be delivered to my address. after we arrange the delivery time, he proceed to tell me that i have to pay for local charges and import duty tax sgd3500. then i asked for invoice, he say after payment made invoice will be send together with the package, and provided the bank details GANESH SHARMA KRIS??? STATE BANK OF INDIA SINGAPORE ??24-0110-5101-00.

I started doubting why the account details is not from the shipping company, he said the account details belong to the secretary in charge today. so i ignored him, he start to pester me with the payment or else government will confiscate the package until i threaten to report to the police.