If a friend whom you met online is genuine, he won't ask for money or persuade you take up investments

Anonymous | 06 May 2020

Internet Love Scam
Just sharing my personal experience on the people who i talked to on social networking sites.

By going through the stories posted by the victims in this site, i noticed there are some similiar signs of warning which i experienced.

1. attractive photos - This is the first magnet that lured me into engaging a conversation with them. i even did a reverse image search on the photos but it return zero results.
2. self-Proclaimed millionaire - Claimed that he owns a factory in osaka, showing pictures that he is driving a porsche. In my two encounters, they are very wealthy in their early 30s.

3. where are they - interestingly enough, they are never near to me. they are either in guangzhou or in osaka.

4. language preference - not being racist here, most of them are chinese. they are more comfortable to converse in chinese. but in my recent encounter, he is quite fluent in english.

5. touching stories - about how poor he was in the past and able to make a name for himself as the boss of a company. for the other guy, he is a divorce, claimed that his wife cheated on him.

6. investment methods - seems like they very into crypto currencies. they claimed that they have uncles abroad who knows the market very well and posted screenshots of their earnings. in my first encounter, he was very pushy to get me to buy some bitcoins and play some game in a chinese website.

hope this helps.