Beware of Internet Love Scam!

Anonymous | 06 Jun 2019

Internet Love Scam
This scam sounded so elaborate that i don't even know if this is for real, or is a scam. but i thought i share this story quickly to prevent anyone else to get scammed.

I met this person shan through the dating app coffee meets bagel. He runs an engineering company, is an Australian but claimed to be in Singapore with contracts from Petrobras and Sinopec

He started our conversation slamming scammers, and tell potential scammers not to contact him if one is a scammer. that was certainly very convincing as i had met scammers online before. he started talking for a week or so, then claimed that he had to travel overseas, to an off-shore oil refining location, where internet connectivity is INTERMITTENT.

Then when he was overseas, he needed to buy some equipment. and actually shared his on-line banking details, so that i could help him purchase his equipment. then the internet bank has a limit on the amount transferred, and that's when he asked for an infusion of funds, into his personal account, to help him pay for this purchase. so i could see that he had a few million dollars in his account.

This scam is so elaborate as ELLSCORPS CAPITAL/ALTEC EQUIPMENTS/INTEGRITY ENERGY SOLUTIONS all have legitimate websites, so upon first checking, they appear to be legit. however, upon doing a second layer of checks, i drew a blank. eg: ellscrops capital claimed to be a subsidiary of citicorp USA, but checks drew nothing. the companies mentioned also have photos/addresses etc. Altec equipments also am based in the US, and their website shows proper addresses, contact numbers etc.