Beware of "DBS" impersonation scam calls

Anonymous | 06 Apr 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I just received a called to said that he is from DBS Marina, he speaks only Mandarin (can't communicate in english), he said his name is Tan Boo? Pi?. He said I have applied a DBS card in China DBS branch on 10/2/2021 and I had purchased a Iphone equivalent to SGD$1,300. He even said that the DBS China branch had verified my particulars before giving me the DBS credit card...... he then continued to tell me all other information about my application of DBS card in China, I certainly regard these as nonsense.

I denied everything that he said and I challenged him with multiple questions, he can't answer. He then said they will send the transaction history to DBS Singapore and to MAS, I told him please send the info today asap. I also told him that I am working in Cybersecurity service, don't try to fool me, He hang up

The phone number is +6596398274 (this is definitely a fake display number), he said his name is Tan Boo? pi?