Be careful when making friends online

Anonymous | 05 Sep 2021

Internet Love Scam
I would like to share These 3 unpleasant online dating cases that have happened on me.

1st encountered was last year in July whom i met David li who claimed himself to be singaporean but was raised in Us. when i met him via the single50' and he claimed he is an oil rig engineer in turkey job site. we chatted for 3 months later and last year at the covid period, he said his project has been delayed and couldn't go back home and his children at us home faced financial issues with daily expenses and learning cost. He requested me to help him to transfer to his nanny. Unfortunately at that moment, i didn't know this was scam and thought i should help his children who are small and no parents at home. this is what the scam will do to all the women who are emotional and weak at heart. i have transferred a total of 3 times at usd6000. after receving, he MIA and no way to contact him at all. I have made police report last year.

2nd case, the scammer is richard wang who i met at CMB. he said he is a technologist (agritech} and we chatted for about 3 months, then he said he got a project won in sg by the food ava and comng to sg. however as his mum has fell down and hurt her head, got hospitalised so not he himself was able to come. he has asked his workers to come and need to sort out the ep via the agent. he claimed the agent needs at least sgd10k to process the ep urgently so that they can work in sg. he wanted me to remit the money to the agent which i have no details as all. when i rejected him, he shouted at me over the phone and then removed me from his contact. no money was lost.

3rd case, this scammer, nicholas from okc whom i thought is more genuine and real. however, he told me his sop story of his divoced with his wife in us then returned back to sg with his mum. he is a boss with his own IT consultancy company just got a project in australia. The first 2 weeks was ok when he was there, but the machine broken down and hurt himself at the site. he needed me to transfer money to him usd10k, but i didn't.

All these cases are my real encounters with online dating platform which i would like to share with the ladies out there to be careful if they are really keen to get know to 'new friend' from the site who has ulterior motives.