Scammer built an attractive profile to lure you

Anonymous | 05 Sep 2020

Internet Love Scam
It happened in June 2020. I met the scammer in CMB dating app (but these scammers can be on any dating app and may have multiple profiles). He was an attractive man (American Chinese with a US number) and quickly wanted to chat on another platform, Whatsapp. At the same time, on the scammer’s dating app profile, it stated that his account would be locked as the administrator needed to verify his identity. I asked him about it and he said he had deleted the app as he had already found “the one”. What I think happened, was that he deleted his profile to avoid getting caught.

Like other internet love scams, he had a good job as a petroleum engineer (freelance and based in Kuwait?). He also had a sob story that his father died when he was young and his mum (who is Singaporean) died years ago and he had no siblings. He would message daily to form a close relationship with me and also gain my trust. He also shared his pictures, which I now presume was stolen from someone’s account on the internet. I used the “Reverse image” search for similar pictures in the internet but I could not find anything. He claimed that his contract was ending and that he would want to return to Singapore thereafter. All this while, he gave hope that I would be meeting him eventually in person, hopefully after this Covid pandemic stabilised. Be aware if the scammer is based overseas and gives excuses in not meeting you.

After the third week, he said he would now be working at the oil rig. Initially, things would still be going on smoothly for him. However, the oil pump machine started to give him problems. Eventually, the pump spoilt and he said he had to purchase a new pump. While he was trying to transfer money to the supplier for the purchase of the new pump, he said he had trouble logging into his offshore account’s website. He sounded desperate and said that as a last resort, he might need my help in logging into his account, from another country as it might help. Every one should beware, as helping to do a money transfer is also a form of money laundering. He said he would continue to try logging into the bank’s website the next day. Alas, the next day, he still could not log into the bank’s website. When I suggested for him to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to try and log into the website, he said he already tried it and was unsuccessful. This was when the scammer became more ridiculous by asking if I could transfer my money to the company and that he would pay me back the money with interests. When I said I could not help, he whined and said that I could not help him in times of need. I eventually blocked his number on Whatsapp. No money was lost.